3012, 2020

RLM Expands Licensing Agreement with Inmunotek

Through an exclusive licensing agreement, RLM is preparing to bring new vaccines to Canada to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections and recurrent respiratory tract infections. The agreement includes BACTEK™ and UROMUNE™, novel sublingual vaccines.

2208, 2020

UROMUNE™ (MV 140) in Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

A systematic review on the role of UROMUNE™ (MV140) in the prevention of rUTI (recurrent urinary tract infections) has been published. The study, led by Dr. J. Curtis Nickel (Queen's University, Canada), has taken into account published clinical data conducted with this vaccine. UROMUNE (MV140) is a sublingual vaccine developed and manufactured by INMUNOTEK.

2108, 2020

Red Leaf Medical Celebrates 10 Years!

Red Leaf Medical thanks its team of dedicated employees for helping to build a leading Canadian healthcare company specializing in the fields of urology and infectious disease. From its founding in 2009, Red Leaf Medical has worked to become a trusted partner to patients and healthcare providers offering industry leading services and patient support programs.

2703, 2018

Red Leaf Medical profiled in PharmaBoardroom

Red Leaf Medical, founded in 2009, is unique in its approach to the Canadian healthcare market. Charles Ko, managing director, discusses Red Leaf Medical's foundation, the significance of listening to customers' needs and how a sound domestic reputation can lead to expansive international partnerships.

1509, 2016

Red Leaf Medical Enters the Male Fertility Market

Red Leaf Medical Inc. has signed an exclusive agreement with Lenus Pharma, a leading Austrian pharmaceutical company specializing in fertility, to commercialize PROfortil™ in Canada. PROfortil™ is a clinically proven treatment that contains a patented composition of micronutrients that aid in fertility.

507, 2016

Red Leaf Medical Profiled in Biotechnology Focus

Biotechnology Focus, a leading Life Sciences Publication in Canada, has profiled Red Leaf Medical as an innovative company building a strong reputation with great products and a passionate focus on meeting patients’ needs.

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