Mississauga, Canada (September 15, 2016) Red Leaf Medical Inc. has signed an exclusive agreement with Lenus Pharma, a leading Austrian pharmaceutical company specializing in fertility, to commercialize PROfortil™ in Canada.

PROfortil™ is a clinically proven treatment for male fertility disorder that contains a patented composition of micronutrients that aid in fertility. There are five studies with 754 patients demonstrating its clinical efficacy.

Male infertility is becoming increasingly prevalent in industrialized countries with researchers considering dietary habits, stress and lifestyle as potential factors.

According to the Government of Canada Report on Fertility, approximately 16%, or one in six couples, experience infertility and the male is the reason in 30% to 50% of cases. The same report states that 57,000 couples seek medical help to assist conception every year.

“The strong presence of Red Leaf Medical in the urology community will help to ensure an optimal market introduction of PROfortil™,” said Charles Ko, Chief Executive Officer, Red Leaf Medical.  “We look forward to making this proven fertility treatment available to Canadian couples trying to conceive.”

PROfortil™(Trademarked as PROfertil™ in Europe & the US), has been approved in the US, Europe and in many other markets around the world. The product is expected to launch in Canada by the end of 2016, upon receiving approval from Health Canada.

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Red Leaf Medical is a leading Canadian healthcare company focused on the urology market. The company’s portfolio includes products in uro-oncology, endo-urology, male and female incontinence, pediatric urology and infertility.

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