About Red Leaf Medical

Red Leaf Medical is a leading Canadian healthcare company specializing in urology. The Company provides innovative, premium quality medical products and solutions that healthcare providers depend on to offer the best treatment for their patients.

Founded in 2009, Red Leaf Medical is a dynamic, rapidly growing company that continues to expand its portfolio by launching new products and services to meet the needs of the urology community across Canada.

Red Leaf Medical achieves commercial success for products by leveraging relationships with urology specialists, while strategically aligning with other leading-edge companies in the field. We offer industry-leading programs in patient support, reimbursement, marketing and sales. Through these programs, Red Leaf Medical has become a trusted partner to our customers, the urology community and the patients we serve.

Our distinct portfolio includes leading and innovative solutions for incontinence, paediatric urology, bladder cancer, endo-urology and fertility. These products enable healthcare providers to optimally deal with the unique challenges they face every day. Red Leaf Medical is committed to working with the medical community to find solutions that help to improve patients’ daily living.

For more information please contact: 1 (877) 563-7422