CathetersPLUS™ is a division of Red Leaf Medical that is committed to working with the medical community to find solutions that help to improve the lives of patients who use catheters.

Our catheter experts have years of experience assisting catheter users to review their product information, intermittent catheterization techniques and other client education. CathetersPLUS™ offers all major brands of catheters and supports patients with reimbursement coverage.

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“I also want to take this opportunity to tell you how much you have made a difference in my life at a moment that I was so vulnerable, I could hardly find my words in English to express myself at that time. You have gone the extra mile to make sure that my medical situation was well taken care of.”

– Françoise S., Montreal, QC
“I thank all the staff at CathetersPLUS for their impeccable compassionate and efficient service…
As a disabled person, it is uplifting and, in fact, even vitally sustaining to encounter such genuinely helpful, kind individuals.”

– Janice G.,P.E.I.