Mississauga, Canada (January 2022) – Red Leaf Medical is pleased to announce the launch of a new on-demand translation service available in more than 150 languages to meet the diverse needs of its CathetersPLUS™ customers. The company also introduced new educational tools for nurses following research in support of its CathetersPLUS™ mission to improve the lives of patients who use catheters.

Red Leaf Medical held roundtables and conducted research surveys with more than 40 urology nurses across Canada in late 2021. These nurses work on the front lines caring for urology patients and have a deep appreciation of the challenges they face on a daily basis. The data collected allowed Red Leaf Medical to better understand patient and healthcare practitioner needs and to find meaningful ways to address them.

A key insight from the research indicated that patients with limited English proficiency were disadvantaged when selecting the appropriate medical products and understanding how to use them. To better serve these customers, Red Leaf Medical partnered with Language Scientific, a leading medical translation provider with significant expertise serving hospitals and pharmacies. CathetersPLUS™ customers will now be able to receive service in the language of their choice to help them select the most appropriate products to meet their personal needs.

Also based on feedback from nurses, Red Leaf Medical introduced a new patient toolkit to help nurses educate new catheter users on a wide range of incontinence and ostomy products. Urology nurses are under intense time constraints and wanted tools that helped them communicate key information as clearly and as efficiently as possible.

The company’s research indicates that existing features of CathetersPlus™ continue to be indispensable in assisting customers on their health journey. These include Red Leaf Medical’s reimbursement support and its customer care team who educate catheter users on everything from catheter maintenance to infection control. Thanks to insightful responses to its market research, Red Leaf Medical has been able to better understand customer needs and to address them in a meaningful way.

About CathetersPLUS™

CathetersPLUS™ is a division of Red Leaf Medical that is committed to collaborating with the medical community to find solutions that help improve the lives of patients who use catheters. The company’s catheter experts have years of experience assisting catheter users to review their product information, intermittent catheterization techniques and other client education. 

About Red Leaf Medical Inc.

Red Leaf Medical is a leading Canadian healthcare company specializing in urology and infectious disease. The Company provides innovative therapies and solutions in the areas of pelvic floor health, fertility and urinary tract infections. Red Leaf Medical is a trusted partner to patients and healthcare providers offering industry leading services and patient support programs. Founded in 2009, the company continues to expand its portfolio by launching important new products and services, such as CathetersPLUS™ and ConceptionPLUS™. Learn more at redleafmedical.com.