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Welcome to Red Leaf Medical, the only Canadian healthcare company exclusively focused on providing highly effective and innovative urology health products and services.

With products in endo-urology, incontinence, paediatric urology and fertility, Red Leaf Medical has built a reputation for successfully establishing innovative medical products in the Canadian healthcare system.

Whether you are a patient looking for more information about a specific product or a company exploring possible business opportunities, we thank you for visiting our website.

Profit 500 2017Red Leaf Medical named one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies by Canadian Business Magazine’s 2016 PROFIT 500 List2105 Profit 500

Red Leaf Medical Inc. is a proud member of BIOTECanada.


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Red Leaf Medical profiled in PharmaBoardroom

Red Leaf Medical, founded in 2009, is unique in its approach to the Canadian healthcare market, being the only company focused exclusively on urology solutions. Charles Ko, managing director, discusses Red Leaf Medical's foundation, the significance of listening to customers' needs and how a sound domestic reputation can lead to expansive international partnerships.

By |March 27th, 2018|news|


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