Innovative Technology Improves Patient Care

Mississauga, Canada (March 14, 2017) Red Leaf Medical Inc. is pleased to announce Health Canada’s approval of Magnetic Black-Star, a novel Double-J (DJ) ureteric stent system. The addition of this innovative product to Red Leaf Medical’s portfolio further strengthens the company’s extensive offering of premium quality medical products and solutions to urology healthcare providers and patients in Canada.

Black-Star offers a unique, patented system for retrieval of a DJ without requiring use of a cystoscope, operating room or nursing staff. Black-Star uses an innovative magnetic system attached to its distal loop, which hangs in the bladder and facilitates smooth removal using a magnetic retrieval device.

The benefits of using the Black-Star system instead of traditional utereral stents are numerous and include improved patient outcomes and overall cost savings. Patients benefit from a procedure that is less painful, has potentially lower infection risk and higher overall comfort than other stent options. Significant cost savings can be achieved as Black Star does not require the use of operating room facilities, sterilization equipment or highly valuable nursing staff for the tens of thousands of ureteral stents1 that are placed each year in Canada; conserving the use of the OR/Cystoscope suite and healthcare team for more complex urology cases.

Magnetic Black-Star has been approved in Europe and other markets around the world. The product is expected to officially launch in Canada in April 2017.

About Red Leaf Medical Inc.

Red Leaf Medical is a leading Canadian healthcare company focused on the urology market. The company’s portfolio includes products in uro-oncology, endo-urology, male and female incontinence, pediatric urology and infertility.

Red Leaf Medical was ranked as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in Canadian Business magazine’s PROFIT 500 listing in 2015 and 2016.

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