CathetersPLUSTM, a division of Red Leaf Medical, is a full service/one-stop centre for catheter patients offering access to trained advisors who can help with product selection, catheter education and reimbursement support. CathetersPLUSTM offers the top brands of catheters, incontinence pads and other supplies.

Catheter Specialists

  • Experts with years of experience assisting catheter users to review their product information, CIC techniques and other patient education.

Reimbursement Support

  • We communicate with insurance companies or agencies via three-way teleconference to maximize a patient’s ability to obtain reimbursement.
  • We assist with completing claims forms or requests for pre-approval
  • We provide price quotations & product information

FREE Shipping (with minimum order)

  • Direct delivery to patients’ homes

Catheters PLUSTM was developed to address the needs expressed by many urologists & urology nurses to expand our LoFric® Reimbursement Support Line to include other types of catheters.

Our expanded portfolio of products includes:

  • Hydrophilic & Uncoated Catheters
  • Male External Catheters
  • Bladder Irrigation for IC/BPS
  • Bladder Support for Women
  • Catheterization supplies
  • Foley Catheters
  • Urethral Control Devices for Men
  • UTI Prevention
  • Incontinence products (pads, briefs, etc.)
  • PPE (gloves, hand sanitizer and wipes)